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Auto Posting Across Social Media Platforms – IFTTT – Buffer.com

I hate missing out just as much as anyone else.  Its why Ultimate SEO has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube, Blogger, Instagram, SnapChat and more.  

This article is not about auto blogging  we have some great info on that posting content to multiple sites or ingesting content onto your site. It is in our free auto blogger article.  

This discusses postings to social media accounts.  Wanting consistency and mass promotion of content on as many external social media platforms as possible with as few logins and actual posts as possible. 

But the only thing worse than not being on a platform is to not appear active on that platform. If someone’s first impression of you or your company is your activity on a forgotten profile it is more damaging than not having been there to begin with.


This little bit as on semantics.  What does one call the practice of posting efficiently to social media. If that isn’t interesting to you, skip a head to 

SEO is the term we usually extend to the greater works of Digital Marketing of which SEO is just a part.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is likely the most known of four distinct domains with specific use and often specific practitioners.  

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing And SEO SMO SEM SMM
Digital Marketing: SEO SEM SMO SMM PDF Version Of Image

In the image above we have the distinct areas of Digital Marketing.  Defined largely by two factors … the target audience and the use of optimization or paying for results. If the target is Search Engine users and the efforts are not paid but optimization then its SEO.  If the target is the same but the efforts are paid, for instance PPC then the work is SEM or Search Engine Marketing. If the target is Social Media and the efforts are paid then the work falls under SMM or Social Media Marketing but if the efforts are not paid then its SMO of Social Media Optimization. An example is ensuring your page loads fast and the proper keywords are indexable on that page, that is SEO.  But if you pay Adwords $1 a click to display your listing it is SEM.

Why The Complexity

Depending upon the type of digital marleting the manner of executing the task correctly is often unique to that domain of Digital Marketing. Due to the differences in approach often you’ll find Digital Marketers that are more suited for SEO vs. SMO or SEM vs SMM.As the skillsets are different usually so are the practitioners. Beware of the jack of all trades, master of none.  While a screwdriver, a hammer, measuring tape and a wrench are all tools … each one has a specific use.

Consistency Within SEO and SMO

When an article is posted to a site its often promoted through unpaid social media posts at the same time.  Tweeting “Ultimate SEO’s New Blog Entry Is Up. SEO and SMO collide to make SERPS.” is a best practice. 

Consistency with in these two domains of digital marketing is beneficial to both SEO and SMO efforts.


IFTTT And Buffer

Thats where IFTTT has stepped in and been able to save time while helping to get a message out consistently.  From WordPress IFTTT automatically shares and posts each update to a slew of other sites and until recently its been the most effective means for auto updating social media.  Now that Google+ has ended and with the loss of Gmail applets on IFTTT it may be a good time to look again at social media auto posting techniques.  Recently it appears LinkedIn may have discontinued its connection to IFTTT as well, which is a shame and hurts both LinkedIn and IFTTT.

In researching IFTTT applets Buffer.com came to light.  Its mostly a paid version of what IFTTT did for free but it also includes a free options which allows integration with 3 social media platforms.  In the use case of Ultimate SEO that meant connecting to LinkedIn.  The other two positions going to Facebook and Twitter as those are the powerhouse social media platforms.

Automated Cross Posting In Social Media

My ultimate goal is to fully automate this process and I haven’t yet seen that in Buffer.com but further testing may reveal that an action from IFTTT completes this chain.  Its not enough to be able to post an individual article from one site to all, we need something that checks all sites and then auto publishes what isnt published on others to those sites.

You might think of this daisy chain of social media as if it were a PBN.  It’s a network of separate sites but all you.

I’ll keep you updated on this case study.  At present though IFTTT still appears to be the best auto posting option for social media.  It can start from a sites RSS feed or an integrated service like WordPress then post to a central site such as Blogger which has a lot of versatility due to the number of connections available.

Connectors Applets Or Recipes

Some connections utilized for Ultimate SEO include:

(The WordPress to X recipes are available but I’d recommend making these connections through Blogger where possible for consistency)

blogger ifttt applets for seo auto blogging

  • WordPress to Blogger
  • WordPress to Photostream
  • WordPress to Tumblr
  • WordPress to Facebook
  • WordPress to Twitter
  • Blogger to Buffer – this recipe enables the auto posting into LinkedIn
  • Blogger to Flickr
  • Blogger to Pinterest
  • Blogger to Bitly
  • Blogger to Diigo
  • Blogger to Instapaper
  • Blogger to Reddit
  • Blogger to Pocket
  • Blogger to Trello
  • Blogger to Dropbox
  • Blogger to OneNote

It may appear that I love Blogger but its important to have a centralized distribution point.  Consider how easy it would be to accidentally create an auto updating loop if you didn’t have a defined start.  I accidentally created one of these months ago and it was annoying first discovering it and second reviewing where in the chain I was picking up the update I was trying to put down.  So blogger serves in that regard as a check point on redundancy.  I also prefer a secondary site from WordPress.  If after publishing something on WordPress you realized the permalink is too long or something just didn’t look right, you at least have another spot to stop that mistake from going out to everything else.

Matthew Leffler


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