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Louisville Cloud Computing

Louisville Cloud Computing
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Louisville Cloud Computing
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AWS – GCP – Managed Cloud Computing
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Louisville’s Cloud Computing Top Talent
History of Computing
Cloud Computing is changing the speed and way that we compute.  Interestingly enough its going back to the way we computed prior to the PC.  So lets devolve in computing to the 1970s when HP and IBM were the shit.

When a company needed a computer they’d buy this big huge thing that filled a room, the mainframe, and from that were terminals.  Terminals aren’t brains they are just user input devices….monitor, mouse (mice are after the 70s) and a keyboard.

Then came Personal Computers, the PC.  Now while the PC is synonymous with Windows machines now it used to be that the PC was the anti-mainframe.  No longer did the terminal have no brain … it was the brain.  The era of the PC though is a weird change from the connectedness of the 1970s version.  In the 80s while we all were getting computers now we weren’t connected like we were in the 70s.

Internet comes along and connects us all and we are sitting on our PCs trading porn and emailing our friends and family.  The PC though is very inefficient and not that hugely sophisticated.  It’s like we took a 1970s mainframe and broke it up into PCs and each has a fraction of the power and none can work together without the internet.  Servers were basically the commercial answer to PCs.  We saw a reduction of power when we stopped sharing, (this is made up for quickly by innovation) an increase in accessibility but a decrease in interconnectedness until the internet.

Then someone decided lets pool the power together into a data center and people can rent the computing power of it.  Since people may have different needs they can share the same hardware and save money.  Oddly though this is us basically returning to the 1970s and being more efficient.
What Is Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is renting a portion of the computing power of a group of servers.  You can create your own Virtual Private  Server (VPS).  You don’t necessarily have a physical server somewhere its virtual.  But computing wise it works the same you just don’t have to worry about anything hardware or location wise now.
Ultimate SEO Cloud Architects
We experiment, and we try to test ourselves before our clients do.  Creating user case scenarios that we find in Upwork job posts.  We’re not afraid to tell a client “we’ve got an idea and this is what we think”.
AWS – GCP – Digital Ocean
At Ultimate SEO we’ve built Amazon Web Services servers and networks with firewalls and storage options for ourselves and clients.
Ultimate SEO – Managed Cloud Computing

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Louisville, KY
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