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How To Apply For Unemployment – Help Self Employed During Coronavirus

Normally you might not qualify for unemployment, but this isn’t normally.  Self employed, contractors, Uber Drivers and servers normally do not earn unemployment benefits but you should apply!

You may not get the state benefits but you could qualify for federal benefits of $600 a week.  You don’t know unless you apply.

This is a video where, Matthew Leffler of Ultimate SEO walks you through the application of Kentucky question by question.

Video: How To Apply For Unemployment During Coronavirus

Many States Have Extended Coverage And The Federal Government Is Offering An Additional $600 A Week.

It isn’t your fault the state is in lock down.  This pandemic is affecting all kinds of industries.  Even in SEO / Web Design there are many less projects because people are less interested in expanding their site’s visibility than ensuring they remain in business.

That has created a huge drain on incomes, nearly 25% of all workers are now nontraditional and that is a huge need.

It is better to extend benefits to everyone than to have one in four out seeking worker in a pandemic.  So thats why you should apply for unemployment.

In Kentucky you may qualify for about $400 a week and an extra $600 a week from the federal government.  Even if you do not qualify for state benefits you may qualify for the federal benefits.

You should apply.

There isn’t requirements to seek work (in Kentucky at least), you dont have to have paid taxes into the unemployment program and you do not need to show income in most cases.

You just need to have been someone who was able to earn a living and now you can’t.

Example: Some fields such as sex workers would not normally qualify but listing your self employment as a consultant and explaining the lack of clients would likely be a good case scenario for a person who needs benefits and that we want to have not working during a pandemic.

This is an unprecedented time and if you stay at home now you not only help yourself but you help those that are sick and those that are vulnerable.

So apply, you have nothing to lose.

Need more help?  You can try contacting your state’s unemployment offices.  Usually called DES or Department of Employment Services.  Feel free to post comments here or use the Forum Topic: Unemployment Help.

Finally Two Disclaimers

Fraud Is Bad – I want to be clear that I do not advocate false claims, be honest on the application but you can be smart about how you answer.

I’m Not A Lawyer – This video is offered as friendly help, but it is not legal advice nor is it guarenteed accurate beyond Matt Leffler’s personal understanding. If you need legal advice call a lawyer, they’re likely not working too.

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