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How To Setup Digital Ocean Account – Client Video

Visit How To Setup Digital Ocean Account – Client Video for the whole story

Setting Up Digital Ocean Account

You as a client have likely been lead to this page after being introduced to Digital Ocean and the SEO advantages a VPS (Virtual Private Server) can offer your user experience in terms of page load times.  Site speed is a strong indicator of a site’s ability to rank on Google, especially in mobile search results.

This has been tested and proven to out perform AWS and Google Cloud Platform in previous articles such as Digital Ocean Vs AWS Vs GCP another similar article is Cloud Computing: Digital Ocean Vs AWS.

Why Can’t We Do It?

Each client should setup their account and enter their own billing method on their own.  This ensures your security and removes any question about who has your payment info.

We will take it from there.  Once you have setup your account billing you can easily add Utimate SEO as an admin.

Digital Ocean: Create A Team

Once you have created your account you can add us as an admin to your account.  This keeps your password and username secure.

Add Admin Digital Ocean

In the upper righthand corner click the icon (yours will look different) that represents you.  You’ll see the option “Create a team” … select it.

digital ocean setup team

Name your team whatever makes sense to you.  After naming your team you’ll be lead to a billing page.  While your account has already had billing setup you can setup a different billing method per team.  If you don’t want a new method you should also have the option of selecting your stored billing method.

team billing method

After completing the billing method you may now invite users to your team.

For Ultimate SEO you can invite our default user [email protected]ultimateseo.org

invite team

Thats all you’ll need to do.  We can handle it here on.

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