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SEO And Migrations: Matt Cutts On Changing Domain Names

SEO And Migrations: Changing Domain Names With Matt Cutts

Migrating your site from one domain name to another can be problematic and the SEO implications can be long lasting.  UltimateSEO.org was not the original domain name for this site. 

SEOData.cloud was and it seemed great because it used three aspects of what I wanted to focus on all in one address.  Of course it lacked any backlinks or history and wasn’t a .com .net, or a .org. 

I switched after ultimateseo.org expired from another person because it had the backlinks and metrics of a site years ahead of SEOData.cloud.

There are a lot of opinions in SEO on how to switch domains during a migration but few carry the experience and weight as Matt Cutts, former head of Google Search Spam Team.  Here’s a video of his guidance.

Matt Cutts Video On Changig Domain Names

Changing Domains And SEO Concerns

What should you consider before a domain name shift?

  1. Domain Age: It’s still a ranking factor.  Not huge but a factor to consider.
  2. Redirects: Per the latest from Google 301 redirects will transfer 100% of SEO value but make sure its relevant content to ensure user behavior doesn’t hurt your site. i.e. Someone is looking for Australian Kangaroos and you’ve redirected everything to your homepage about animals.  Make the redirect to a page about kangaroos. 
  3. Internal Redirects and Assets: Make sure you crawl your site and adjust for links that may include the old domain.
  4. SEO TIP If your site structure is remaining untouched (it should for right now) consider setting the domain as an alias of the old domain or vice versa and assign canonical tags to the new domain’s content.  
  5. Always begin with an SEO audit of your existing site.  To maintain the status quo you need to know where you stand.


Ultimate SEO is a big fan of Matt Cutts and his video posts providing actionable SEO advice.  It’s not just because he and our sites founder are both named Matt, from Kentucky and born in the 70s.  Matts videos come from a true authority and provide an inside look into the workings of Google’s search engine.

For these reasons we’re collecting clips of Matt’s Youtube posts and making a gallery of what we think our his best advice.  We’ll also examine the relevancy of these nearly decade old videos and update you as we learn of changes. 

Feel free to comment if you know of differences in today’s SEO environment.

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