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Search Results Suck

Googling Online Reviews And Top 10 Lists Are Wastes Of Time

So an annoyance and a likely by product of SEO is the lack of quality articles and reviews on topics these days.  I expected that it would be annoying to search out a possible new theme for one of my sites but I what I found in the search results was a heap of … shit.  Like total crap that served as self promoting noise dressed up as useful reviews.

I Googled “SEO Agency WordPress themes” The top 10 results all pretty much sucked, they lacked any real effort in delivering what they claim to offer.  Lets look at the top result…and how bad it reviews what it claims to review.

This top result on Google is pointless to visit.  They review the same thing ten times essentially and describe features of WordPress that are available to any theme on WordPress as if they are unique to the themes they are peddling.  Notice if we ignore the colors on the page not much else really changes theme to theme.
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If you aren’t looking for a full width theme with words serving as a navigation bar at the top of the page and a logo in the upper righthand corner you’ll be pretty disappointed by this review from athemes.com.  They drop the ball totally in providing you with diverse options and meaningful comparisons.
Lines like “SEOLounge combines an impressive selection of pre-built content with some powerful customization options to help you create an effective SEO agency website with WordPress.” Are worthless, SEO Lounge doesn’t offer any more customization options than WordPress itself offers.  The features offered are basically identical one theme to the next.
Even the plugins they use are pretty much the same.  A theme having 55 icons isn’t of value, I can add icons all day long.  A one click installer is … essentially the way any theme is installed.  One click so why is that a point to note of one theme over another? The ability to put demo content into your site is stupid, let’s just call it duplicate filler content that has no relevance to your business.  That isn’t a feature.
Is this a feature of a theme or is this what WordPress does “Of course, if there are any homepage elements you don’t need to use on your website, you can easily deactivate or remove them as appropriate.  ” That’s not a feature of a theme, it IS WordPress.
I dislike Visual Composer, and I consider WP Bakery to be the same product cause it is…even their creator has an article titled Visual Composer = WPBakery.   If we discard every theme that uses that builder in this review we are left with only one theme that notes a different builder. (I like Elementor)
Wanna know what isn’t a feature of a theme?  A feature of WordPress or the ability to use a plugin thats available to any theme on WordPress.
These are some of the strengths noted of the themes that all look the same and offer nothing of value towards being different from a theme you could use to sale any other business service.   It isn’t necessarily the authors fault but SEOs in general, who forget what the point was in the search they are seeking to rank.
Other reviews in this search included very few good options despite the title’s claims or the site that hosted the content.  The second result listed was https://mysiteauditor.com/blog/top-10-wordpress-themes-for-seo-agencies/.  If you wanted a theme out of their 10 reviewed to not be … a logo in the upper right hand corner with words across the top serving as the site’s navigation then followed by a full width content area you’d have not found anything.
What could have been different?  A theme that included a collapsible fly-out menu?  Maybe a menu that was full width and tiles?  Why the site’s logo has to sit in the upper righthand corner in every theme is anyone’s guess.
So SEOs take some time to compare diverse products and recognize a theme’s feature should be unique to only that theme, not all of WordPress.

Matthew Leffler


Matthew Leffler is a freelance SEO on Upwork.com and SEOClerks.com with 20 years of technical experience and a technical education background. In those years of experience he's worked in several technical roles in informtation technology and software training. Matt has worked at Hewlett-Packard and Gateway Computers. Matthew earned his BSIT, MBA in Technology Management and MEd in Instructional Design. He holds over a dozen active technical certifications including A+, Netowrk+, Security+, Project+, is a Certified Webmaster Professional, and a HDI Help Desk Analyst.

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