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Google Data Studio Knows Everything SEO, Or It Can

SEO Integration With Google Data Studio This is a big project that has been in the works for a year unbeknownst to anyone until it was … A client implemented a new inventory and POS solution and during a meeting he’d asked about Reporting and I then laid the desire out to utilize Google Data […]
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Technical SEO: Digital Ocean vs Google Cloud vs AWS

This may seem off topic but its on topic, technical SEO is imperative … you’re not going to rank number one on Google using Shopify or Wix.  It just isnt going to happen. Its also apparently difficult to get solid advice on SEO Hosting from “experts” Best Blog Hosting for SEO is junk … reciting features doesnt make a hosting plan the best…one quote notes that WordPress is already installed with … so what!  Our web servers are preconfigured to install WordPress in every new account as well…it only saves maybe 5 minutes per user but for

Hostname On cPanel / WHM Server Resets To Project Name On Google Cloud Fix

So you made a WHM server on Google Cloud and before you get to use it suddenly its broken?  I feel your pain.  Not sure when this started but it seems Google Cloud auto writes over the hostname.  Usually not an issue but cPanel seems to rely upon this entry to the point when you type a FQDN like it changes to rubbish in a redirect and the site can't be resolved. cPanel Has A Fix. You can see it from their site or I have the steps below. To configure VPS deployments, many cloud hosting providers use the

Adding a User to Google Adwords as an Admin

The easiest way to allow someone else to administer your Google Adwords campaigns is likely to add them as an Admin to your existing account. This allows you to own the campaigns and keep the records long after the user has ended their work on your project. It also leaves you still in charge of the budget and keeps you in an oversight role of your campaign. Google has made it easy to add an Admin to Adwords. Step One. In Adwords click the wrench, labeled “TOOLS” you’ll be able to then select “Account Access”

New Server Status

Server NameServer IPPortStatusID louisville34.202.219.1480ONLINE1 chicago35.203.105.3280ONLINE2 matt35.206.124.9780ONLINE3 heritage35.233.246.7453ONLINE4 cody35.231.128.13080ONLINE5 ns2.matt2.infons2.matt2.info53ONLINE ns1.matt2.infons1.matt2.info53ONLINE7 ns1.data502.comns1.data502.com53ONLINE8 ns2.data502.comns2.data502.com53ONLINE9 ns9.data502.comns9.data502.com53ONLINE10 ns3.data502.comns3.data502.com53OFFLINE11 ns3.matt2.infons3.matt2.info53OFFLINE12 mail.data502.commail.data502.com110ONLINE13 FTP Louisville34.202.219.1421ONLINE14 mysql.data502.comdata502.com3306ONLINE15 SSH LOUISVILLE34.202.219.1422ONLINE16 imap.data502.comimap.data502.com220OFFLINE17 cpanel.data502.comcpanel.data502.com2083ONLINE18 SMTP Chicago34.202.219.1425ONLINE19 FTP Chicago35.203.105.3221ONLINE20 SSH Chicago35.203.105.3222ONLINE21

Why we believe in an open cloud

A WordPress Design, SEO and Adwords Project Completed

  WordPress, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, SEO, SQL, Adwords by Matthew Leffler Technology I have a solid record of identifying a problem and making a solution that yields measurable results. I was recently the technology manager for a political campaign where I built a WHM/cPanel server on CentOS using Amazon Web Services to host about 14 WordPress websites. The server also provides mailing lists, a team management site, RSS feeds augmentation and its own name servers. I was able to get the server and sites built in a couple months. I’ve managed the SEO and Adwords
data studio demo report

Data Studio Demo Report

I’ve shared a Google Data Studio Report about Louisville crime over the last 10 years that I made in an effort to demonstrate some of my reporting and data experience. The target audience for this is Upwork contracts that I am seeking to pick up. Its a cool tool though that I’ve used to make […]