3 Free SEO Tools Checking On Page SEO Rank Factors

This page includes 3 free tools that essentially do the same thing.  Why woud you need redundant tools?

It’s like going to the doctor, a second or third opinion is a good idea. ¬†Plus keep in mind that the tools you use are only as good as the data they were built to use. ¬†I often see SEO On Page Checkers on various sites and run my site through. ¬†I can get wildly different results from different tests.

When conducting an audit I always use at least two tools to gain the best picture.

SEM Rush SEO Audit Tool

Another On Page Audit

Interested in an actual SEO’s review of your page speed?¬†

SEO Checker

This tool works, it’s just a little antiquated in speed.¬† But it is also one of about 4 auditors available to you on our site.¬† If you decide you don’t feel like waiting check out our best free tool Ultimate SEO Tool


Check out our SEO Tool Box

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First off keep in mind these are not the bible or the torah not even the koran. ¬†They’re just someone’s guess as to whats really important. ¬†With that said ignoring their results individually but comparing them for similarity is a good strategy.

If all three tools say your meta title is poor, then its likely a poor title and needs to be addressed.  If two of three say that your images have issues its likely that your images have issues.  You get the point now right?

Every free SEO tool that I’ve ever seen had a common issue and thats bias from its creator or bias from the time when it was developed. ¬†SEO is constantly changing and the older an SEO tool is the less relevant it is to ranking your content.

Ranking Your Page On Google

Speaking of ranking your page, I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but the subject matter of these tools “On Page SEO” is NOT as important as you think. ¬†On Upwork for instance I found 3 times more projects for On Page than Off Page, but research shows On Page accounts for just 26% of SEO value.

Page Ranking Factors

When we go further and weigh the factors that rank a site we find that a sites ranking is usually decided before it ever loads! ¬†User Behavior …. is key. ¬†If I search a term and click the third result and stay on it that improves that third results chances. ¬†If I click the first result and go back to the search page after looking at that first result for only a second that hurts the first page’s ability to continue to dominate.

It makes sense too.  So while your optimizing your on page factors, make sure you have been reviewing pages based on CTR.

Consider these actual results of a client of mine.

These show CTR and page position for a keyword.  The highest CTR is usually with the best positions.

CTR CTR And Page Rank

And you’re proving my point for me. ¬†You see this page was clicked 27 times out of 91,000 impressions over the last year. ¬†Its 73rd in position for “SEO On Page Checker” … if you Google it whats it at now?

How to improve your CTR?  Find out everything you need to know about ranking a page.