Subsites Operated By Ultimate SEO

Ultimate SEO has and continues too test the implementation of purchasing expired domains for other SEO businesses and sites. We select them after reviewing various criteria and then redirect those site’s backlinks to more relevant content than they used to have resulting in greater referal traffic, more backlinks and a good user experience. We felt it was worth while to provide the disclosure of these sites.

Any of the domains below are available for purchases. Simply contact us.

SEO Brands

These are sites that randomly became available for anyone to register after they were not renewed by their previous owner. The sites still have SEO value, was a deleted domain when we first registered it. These sites retain their backlinks and contribute additional traffic.

We have a couple articles on SEO Value And Domain Detailing as well as Whats DA, DS, TF and CF which explain the process of buying expired domains for their backlinks.

These provide about 1374 referring domains to which has its own 140K backlinks from 1088 domains. Combined thats 2300+ domains. It’s important to note that we are concerned more with the number of domains that link to a site than the number o backlinks. Generally speaking, 5000 backlinks from 1 site isn’t worth 100 backlinks from 100 sites.

Our other SEO sites

Our other important sites

Multi Domain Strategy is a dangerous course to follow in SEO. I discourage people from using it because often they use it in a way that canabalizes both site’s ranking ability. Ultimate SEO and Ultimate SEM are two distinct lines of business with separate keywords and different audiences. does have the potential of cutting into but the name was available and is now being purposed as our site Hosting and Infrastructure site allowing it to have distinct keywords from the other previously mentioned domains.

All three sites have a purpose and a set of keywords that mostly do not overlap.