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Buying A Domain Is Much Like Buying A Car

What Is A Domain Worth? Buying An Aftermarket Domain.

Buying a domain that is already registered is a complex process, but that centers around a simple fact.  A domain’s value is equal to the amount someone is willing to pay for it.  Its not what a seller is willing to sell it at, cause I can tell you I’ll sell “ultimateseo.org” for a billion dollars but it isn’t worth that until someone will pay that.

Determining A Domains Value

There are a lot of factors that come into play.  Here are some:

  • The length
  • The TLD ( is it a .com or a .wtf )
  • The Traffic It Gets
  • The SEO Value It Hold
    • How many sites link to it?
    • How many keywords does it rank for?
    • The perceived authority of the domain…
  • The Search Volume
  • Its ranking position for the keyword it represents ie ( ultimate seo … who ranks for that term )
  • Its history
  • How its being used presently
  • Who owns similar names … if the .org .net for instance are not registered then the .com isn’t as valuable. This speaks toward how many potential buyers there are for the domain.

Ultimate SEO LLC has ultimateseo.org as well as ultimateseo.net but ultimateseo.com has eluded me and I’ve begun speaking to an organization about it.  As the process continues I’ll update you with the progress.  Here is the reply email I sent to their representative concern ultimateseo.com being for sale.

Who Initiated Dialogue – Buyer Or Seller?

Thats important.  I once held a domain and the seller contacted me of another version of the name.  In that regard the seller was in a disadvantage, it’s like going door to door.  I ended up not buying it, waiting a month and then registering it for $8.

In the ultimateseo.com case I initiated contact so its like I walked into a dealership, I’m at the disadvantage cause they know I want it.

My father taught me in a dramatic lesson once, you have to be ready to walk.  That’s what he said when a car dealership wanted to finance a car totally in his good name rather than jointly between us but they wanted to charge the interest rate based on my lousy teenager credit.  He had given in to allow himself to be the cosigner, and now he was open to taking it up in his name…but charging him interest rates as if he was an 18 year old college student was the end.  It wasn’t a tactic, it was over.  I wanted that car but I got something much more valuable from that experience.

Buyer Counters To The Sellers Asking Price

So the listing of this domain name is $13,900.  I am by far the most likely buyer.  I have Ultimate SEO LLC as the company name and it owns ultimateseo.org as well as ultimateseo.net and another 20 or so domain tlds.  Ie ultimateseo.agency ultimateseo.site and on and on.
With that said the .com would obviously be a nice main site name.  The domain unfortunately has 0 SEO value established.  SEMRush gives it a 0 in authority, with 1 backlink and shows since 2011 its traffic at 0.  Its only backlink actually happens to be from one of my own sites, where I must have accidentally put in the wrong address.  Moz gives it a DA of 0 with ranking keywords at 0.  So the value to me is going to be a vanity one, because ultimateseo.org by contrast has a DA 23 with 4,200 linking domains and 522 ranking keywords.  SEMRush shows the .org at an Authority score of 29.  While those aren’t stellar high they are higher than 0.
When one Googles “Ultimate SEO” as 210 people do per month I’m position 1 as ultimateseo.org.
So if I were to purchase the domain it would require a few years of rehabilitation to add authority and trust to the dormant domain.
But still its a name I’d like to have.  It feels natural to me to want it….but search wise I already have the keyword, and it offers no added SEO value.
Other estimates are:
Free valuator.com suggests a value of $508.52
Godaddy says $4282
Sedo offers no est.
URL Appraisal suggests $54
Estibot $1500
Thats an average valuation of $1586 … or 11% of the asking price.
But what is the true value?  It’s what someone is willing to pay for it, and in the last two years of watching the domain I’ve seen no buyers.  Its remained with the same owner, who isn’t using it…they’re just waiting for a buyer.  They may have had inquiries … and I was one of those but no one has bought it.  Its likely because I’m the buyer … so it comes down to what I’d pay or what the seller will hold it for … waiting for someone else to want it more than me.
So what do we do here?

What Is Next In This Domain Buy?

I’m not sure.  Their starting amount seems so high that I don’t even think I can counter.  If you inquire about somethings price, and if you divide their initial price in half … if 50% of the asking price is more than you are willing to pay, then you aren’t even in the same ball park.

It could be an insult to them to even counter.   Because if they felt the item is honestly worth 10 times what everyone else thinks, then you aren’t going to negotiate them down by ten times.  If they were willing for you to counter less than half of their asking price then its an insult to you, that they even said such a high asking price.  Its like saying, I think you’re a sucker so I’m going to ask for some amount that only a fool would pay.


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